Custom Work Q&A

Do you do custom orders?

Yes! I enjoy working with clients and bringing your vision to life. Either it is a very artsy piece, or a one color dresser, I want to make sure you are happy with your new piece of decor.

What is the process for furniture refinishing?

I work with your furniture from my home where I have all my necessary tools for repairs, and all products for painting. First thing first, is the prep work. It is essential in providing quality long lasting finish. I clean and slightly sand the piece. Next step is primer: priming helps with paint adherence, blocking the bleed through from tannins in the wood, locking unwanted smells. 

After the prep work is finished, it is time to paint! Depending on the desired finish, I use paint brush or a sprayer, additives for a faux finish, transfers or decoupage. 

The last step is to seal your furniture. Again, depending on the desired finish and how frequently your piece is used, I choose just the right finish to make it look best and serve you for many years to come.



What will it cost me?

The price depends on few factors: things like repairs, a finish that requires multiple colors, Decoupage, Transfers, etc. will be an upcharge from the basic price. 

The basic pricing include priming, one color finish and top coat. 

Basic finish:

3-5 drawer dresser - $350

6-9 drawer dresser - $475

Vanity Small Sized - $250

Hutch - $750

Side tables /Nightstands: small $100 Large $130

Coffee table: Small $150, Large $220


Add On's

Specialty finish - add 25%

Transfer - double retail cost

Decoupage - double retail cost

Specialty finishes include: Glazes, multiple colors, metallics, layers, stenciling. New hardware, repairs, lining the drawers are not included into base price.

I am currently not accepting Dining room sets. 

How long does it take?

Average is 2-4 weeks depending on the size of the project.

Do I bring it to you, or you pick it up?

You are welcome to drop off yourself. Pickup and delivery are available for an extra fee.

Am I going to be involved in a process?

Absolutely! I want you to love the results! We will go over of what styles you like, what your decor is like, look at inspirational pics from Pinterest. I will work only based on your requests (unless you want to be surprised:), and I will send you pictures throughout the process to make sure that the process is going in the right direction.